Focal Point is a project which was envisioned by artist and sculptor Will Nash.

Focal Point was conceived as an artistic piece for a new community at Knights Wood. The project was planned to create a dynamic and intriguing centrepiece that would fit with the point of a large dart shaped water feature at the heart of the town square.

At the centre of Will Nash’s practice is a concern with form, structure and quantity. His sculptures and installations are the result of his explorations of mathematical forms and the relationships they have with one another. His different works are connected by various geometry, repeating sequences of planes and angles to create similar variations on a theme.

Working with Will, Focal Point was planned and developed with the close communication and eye for detail which we are known for. The results speak for themselves – Another beautiful piece designed by Will and realized with our help.

You can see more of Wills work by clicking the link below.

Will Nash – Artist & Sculptor

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I worked with Arc Fab Sussex on a large scale sculpture commission for The University of Oxford. Toby and the team fabricated and installed a complex structure to a high level of finish on time and on budget.

Julian Wild - Artist, Designer and Vice President of the Royal Society of Sculptors